Jackboy by larry & kelly rupp / DAD AN MOM…an scrappie too….

Jack came to us on Halloween day 1998, as we were driving throu town there was a sign saying free puppies,we turned around an pulled in the drive an there he sit, saying take me , take me, which we imediately fell in love with him. Over the years he became our son, not our dog, he was truely part of the family.
Jack and Larry became soul mates where one was the other followed, Larry never left home without him, they were fishing buddies , running buddies,exc. till one day Larry was diagnoised with cancer.Jack never left his side, he was a true an loyal friend.
Jack was very protective,an truely wise. Larry had to have a trac put in and was unable to speak, so in turn Jack learned hand jesters. Larry moved his hand a serton way and Jack knew right then what he was surpose to do,

Jack left us on March 21, 2006,
from cancer…….
He was truely amazing, an could never be replaced….
Our hearts will always be with u, follow that rainbow bridge……JACKBOY…….


larry & kelly rupp