Jackson by Jem / Jem

My dog was hit by a car at 7:00am. I was sleeping. A person from 3 roads down heard his whinning and got in his car and rushed to the scene. When there he saw my German Shepherd lying on the road. (I still am sleeping and have no clue what is going on). He ran to my neighbor’s house and told her she immediately called my house.
My grandmother picked up the phone.

My neighbor told her what had happened. She called my grandfather and told him to come home from work. She explained what happened.(This is my dog and I’m still sleeping totally
unaware of what is going on).

My grandmother ran outside. To sit with my dog. By this time there was a crowd and the police were there. The person who had hit him never stopped. The police looked for the person(s) but couldn’t find them. My grandfather came home amd brought him to the vets.

The next day at 7:00am we got “the call” saying he had died over night. He also said that even if he did live he would have been paralyzed. 🙁

Everyone that has a pet
please cherish every moment
that you have with them.


I will never forget my beloved friend,Jackson.