Jackson by Jem / Jem

The day my baby passed to the rainbow bridge, because of a hit and run. I sat on my bed all day remembering all the good times we had.

One of the things that came to mind was one day in June we had gone up to my camp. We went to a sand bar in the middle of the lake and I remember Jackson splashing in the water, trying to catch minos.

He was the best dog I have EVER had. After his death I remember people saying it was just a dog get over it. Or oh my god you had a
German Shepherd, good thing it died they are mean.
When people said things like that I got so mad.

I want everyone to know that the breed of a dog makes no difference if the dog is mean. It’s the owner that makes a dog mean. Even if you have had a bad experience with a certain breed of dog, remember it was that one dog, not all of them are like that.


I love you always, Jackson.