Jackson by Susan


" Jackson "

  To My Loving Jackson

When we first found you you were the cutest puppy,

And we thought we were really lucky.

There was something in your eyes that touched our hearts,

And we knew you were the perfect dog from the very start.

I remember the first day we brought you home,

You were so playful and loved to roam.

You always stayed right by our side,

And walked beside us with so much pride.

You filled our lives with so much joy,

We couldn't have asked for a better boy.

We took on the responsibility of keeping you as a life long friend,

And never thought it would ever end.

I'm sorry that I left you,I thought you'd be happier and okay,

But he had too much faith and trust in you on that last day.

Why did you have to wander off and get hit by a car?

I wish I could have held you in my arms during those last

moments of your eternal rest!

To me you will always be the very best.

You were my best friend ,

Right to the very end.

The memory of you will always leave an ache in my heart,

Knowing that for now we'll be apart.


            I'll love and miss you forever

            Rest In Peace Jackson

                Love Always,