Jade Shadow Myst

Dec. 23 1998 ——- June 21 1999

Green Iguana

I remember the day I got you as an early present.

I was 12 at the time and am now 14 and have acquired your

successor (a wild little juvenile named Javelin Onyx Riven)…

yet I remember you like it was yesterday.

I walked into the bedroom and there you were lying on a stick

at the bottom of a cage. I lifted you out of the cage and

sat you on my lap.

You were so beautiful lying there like a living jewel.

And what eyes… like an eagle’s with the same intelligence behind

those fierce orbs of gold. I loved you like a sister and then some.

I named you Jade Myst (Mystie for short) your first name for your

exquisite skin. You were the greatest and loved it when I petted you.

You were so tame yet so wild that it was hard to believe that

you were anything but my best friend.

The day that you escaped outside was the saddest of my life

and I want you to know…

I love you my little dragon and I will never forget you.

You truly are a jewel of iguanas and I believe that you really are

a fantastic creature. Perhaps now as you live on in “Iguana Heaven,”

you remember me too. It will be a joyous reunion when we are reunited at last.

I love you my Green One and I hope you are happy.

Perhaps I hope you have taken on the image that I have seen you

as in my mind’s eye: a great beautiful green dragon who soars over the

endless rain forests of her domain.

Farewell my sweet.



Jade Shadow Myst