God’s Gift of Love

~Charming and Loving
a gentle giant
He held our hearts
with a tender paw
He made us smile laugh
and sometimes sad
But looking at him
love was all we saw.

A gift from God
he was the perfect friend
Brave and strong
and full of pride
Protecting us from danger
kissing our tears away
With unconditional love
he stood right by our side.

Jake was a hero in
every sense of the word
There could never be a better man
He touched our lives
in every way
You could say
we were his biggest fans.
He was our dog
our brother our son
Life will never
be the same
Now that he’s gone
his love is still there
With only the mention
of his name.

Our memories of him
will always be cherished
As he passes through
Heaven’s gates
He’ll sit on clouds
with golden wings
Till we can be together again
he waits.

Written January 10 2002

Jake was my “Big Brother” and now that I’ve moved away from home I only pray that my mother will find the straingth to say good-bye to her best friend.



10, Jan 2002