Jake by Romie / Me


I was there the day you were born, your mom Bubbles, had 6 puppies that day. I had to wait 8 weeks before I could take you home. You were so adorable – white with a touch of tan…and a pink spot on your nose, which later disappeared.
You were the funniest little guy…so sweet. You would bark when you wanted ‘cookies’ and wouldn’t stop until you got one. Even though you were such a small little guy, you were as brave as a lion…always protecting me and the yard.

You had a kitten for a best buddy…and you used to lay on top of your dog house with it. I miss you so much my bubba dog. I wish you were still here with me…
but someone took you away.
Someone murdered you…when I wasn’t home. I don’t know who it was.. I am sorry that I wasn’t there to protect you and keep you safe. I hope that you are okay now…and are running and playing…and enjoying your puppy self.

I love you Jake…and I still miss you every day.
I wish you were still here…
You will always be my number 1 boy.


May 1995