Jamie by Alan / Daddy

Last night I lost a real companion,
A friend who never asked me why,
Just stayed faithfull to the end,
Why is it true friends have to die.

You never gave me cause for sorrow,
Never gave me cause for pain,
When I was up, or I was down,
By my side you would remain.

You were soft, you were gentle,
Always brought me happiness,
Everytime I held you close,
I knew I held one of the best.

I tried my best to save you,
But it was all in vain,
Now the only blessing is,
To know you’re not in pain.

You’ve gone on to a better place,
Where Love and Peace abound,
But in my heart, there will always be,
A place where you’ll be found.

Now you are no longer with me,
Happily purring by my side,
A light went out for me last night,
When my dear, sweet Jamie died.

God has opened his arms to welcome,
your pure, gentle, little soul.


Goodbye, Little chunks, till we meet again.

Love you always,
26, June 2006