Jasmine by The Hamilton Family / Mommy

Jasmine (My Furry Princess)

My small and playful pup,
how your antics lifted me up,
A gift in our new home,
it didn’t take long before
you made it your own;
We grew together we two,
so many changes you and I went through;
The birth of our baby girl,
you treasured her like a pearl;
So sure she belonged to you,
right from the very start,
she quickly captured your heart;
It was from then on our family grew,
and your love remained so true;
Then came our baby boy from God above,
and you showed there was no end
in your ability to love;
Though you were getting older,
and started to deal with some pain,
rarely did you show the strain;
You ran and jumped and played,
always guarded, protected and gave aid.
Now back to you and me,
we shared a bond only some could see;
You were my confidante and my friend,
ever faithful to the end;
We’ve shared so many things these years,
I try to keep all that
in mind through my tears;
You were such a blessing from above,
so much more than just a dog to love,
You’ve reached my very soul and
now that you’re gone it’s taking its toll;
I still look for your beautiful face,
in each familiar place;
But though you’re not here,
somehow I still feel you near;
Our home is not the same,
I still want to say your name and
look into your eyes which
held the greatest prize;
They were windows to your soul
and they always made me feel whole;
I miss our mornings, noons and nights and something still doesn’t feel right;
But your fight to stay was hard most
years and we all shed many tears;
You were always brave and
true determined to see each illness through;
But the final battle couldn’t be won,
we had to accept our earthly time was done;
Some say love never leaves
if you only just believe;
So I’ll try not to grieve too long,
I know you’d want me to be strong;
I miss you everyday but in my heart
you’ll always stay;
I pray the angels keep you close and
always remind you who loves you most;
Cause one day we’ll meet again,
my faithful companion and my best friend;


Love Always,
27, Dec 2006
The Hamilton Family