Jasper by Beth and Joe Crews / Love you always,
mommy and daddy

Jasper came to us from owners who didn’t take care of him. He was 9 years old and had filthy ears and long nails. We took him and cleaned him up and had him only a month when he got very sick one morning and what started out as not being an emergency got worse and worse as the morning went on and before the vet could open he stopped breathing. He was the sweetest boy and no matter how bad he felt
he tried to be very affectionate.

I miss him very much even though it’s been almost 2 years. I still cry if I read poems people sent me or the rainbow bridge poem. I have 3 other dogs our girl came along a month after Jasper died and as much as I love her, Jasper will always be my boy that I’ll never know what
we could have had with him.

I treasure each day with my 3 I have now. That morning taught me life is too short and things can change in an instant.


We will always love you Jabber bean,
Beth and Joe Crews