Jasper by Greg / Your Family


Adopted when he was very young,
His praises will now, and forever be sung.

Timid and shy, he was from the start,
It was not long till he had all our hearts.

All legs and a bit on the scrawny side,
One floppy ear that always fell by the wayside.

Taken under her wing by an older “sister”,
Gidget quickly adapted to this little mister.

Sweet, obedient and eager to please,
Sassy and strong was not his expertise.

Always so eager to go for a ride,
He’d hop in the seat and sit there with pride.

One stern look from his powerful master,
Would make this little guy’s heart beat faster,

Away he would go as he started to cower,
Off to another room for nearly an hour.

Jasper was ever so glad to see – me,
Yelping and jumping, such a sight to see.

We’re all going to miss this sweet little guy,
Thinking of him – we’ll look toward the sky,

He’s way up there – in doggy heaven,
On our rate scale – he’s a mighty big eleven!

No dog could ever takes Jasper’s place,
He was one of a kind – full of style and grace!

Written by Ann Burns Cagle
July 29, 2005
In Memory of Jasper


We miss you Boy,
July 2005