Jefry by Warmack


" Young Jefferson "

{ Jefry }

Jan. 5 1992 ---- Oct. 15 1998


Ode To Jefry


What Am I ?

The color red,

A ball of fur,

A soft tongue,

....a smile.


What Am I ?

A tinge of black,

A devoted friend,

A trick or two,

....a treat.


What Am I ?

Small in stature,

Large in Loyalty,

A warning of danger,

....a hug.


What Am I ?

Unconditional love,

A command obeyed,

A walk down the lane,

....a pat.


What Am I ?

A request to come in on a hot summer day,

A belly cooled on an air-conditioner vent,

A faithful companion,

....a grin.


What Am I ?

A ride in the car,

A back rub on my foot,

A look of sheer pleasure,

....a chuckle.


What Am I ?




I am a good dog.


....My Jefry.


by Judy Warmack

In Loving Memory of "Jef"