Jenna by Dianne / Mommy

In my arms, Jenna snuggles so tight
the tears are unrelenting.. it’s our last night
I thank her and tell her I cherish her love
and that she’s a precious gift from above.

I whisper words softly in her ear
and read the words from friends far and near
She listens attentively as though she knows
she “yahoos!” at the beautiful prose.

PD bowling was her favorite game..
life with the gang will not be the same.
I’ll miss the pitter patter of those little feet
always first in line when it was time for a treat.

Our time together is coming to an end
too soon to say goodbye to my little friend.
Three and half years is simply not enough time
for a prairie dog companion in her prime.

My sweet baby girl, oh I’ll miss her so
it’s so hard for me to let her go
Rainbow Bridge is where she’ll be
tomorrow when I set her free.

I will cherish her life – it was not in vain
and I know that we’ll see one another again
In just a few hours, the sun will come up
“Goodbye, my precious prairie dog pup.”

September 21,2003


There is no love in all the world.. like the love of a prairie dog.
21, Sep 2003