Jenny by Ffion and Carys / Ffion and Carys Thurlow

Me and my sister, Carys, had Jenny from a pet shop, we felt pity for her because of the state of the container she was in. We nagged our mother for us to have her, she agreed to keep her. but after we gave a good wash the looked so beautiful! She was a right little lady.

In 2001 she had her first set of kittens, Rocky and Tiger the black and white ones, Louie a grey and white one and tiny-tot a small black one. But in 2002 when her beloved kittens turned a year old, she went missing. Me and Carys started worrying about her safety. We could not forget about it. Now two years after her disappearance, she is still out there. We don’t know if she is alive or not,
but there is nothing to do about it.


With much love and care,
Ffion and Carys