Jesse by Linda Clarke / Your mama, Linda

My Dearest beloved Jesse,

I loved and love you so much that it feels like I gave birth to you from my own body. You suckled my earlobes as a kitten and woke me up for 16 years every morning with wet kisses. You are my kiss-kat and my Jesse-son.

I feel so blessed to have been able to spend your last few months here on this earth with you; nursing you, babying you, talking to you, saying our goodbyes, reminiscing old memories and asking you to let me know when you were ready to go be with your brother Jerry across the bridge. God blessed us both, letting us know exactly when you were ready to cross the bridge. Even your vet felt we got the timing down to the hour.

I think of you all the time and you are always in my prayers and any memorial service I attend. May God and Buddha watch over you, take care of you, comfort you and remind you that you and Jerry and I will be together again one fine day. I now no longer fear death, I look forward
to seeing my “kids”.

I love you always in my memory and heart. And I love you more than any human for your love to me was divine and unconditional. You live forever in me.


With divine, unconditional, forever love,
2, Nov 2004
Linda Clarke