Jesse by The Williams Family / Mylo

I remember the first day Jesse came home. She was just a little pup. We played with her and became very attached to her very quickly.
She was loved.

As she got older she began to get many tumors and one day we brought her to the vet because some of her intestines had fallen out and blood was everywhere. We got to the vet and they kept her and performed an operation and when we went to pick her up she was very tired and it was depressing to look at her because you knew she was hurting. They said they should keep her till the next day. Just incase.

A week after our visit I asked my mom why Jesse still isn’t back. She said that they had to put her down. She had too many tumors and wouldn’t have lived much longer. I was very upset and I only have 1 picture of Jesse. She will be missed.


you'll be missed,
The Williams Family