Jessi by Lainie / Mama

To my sweet mama’s girl; I love you monkey! You were my constant companion for almost 15 years and I am lost without you by my side. I know that someday we will meet again but until that day I will miss you terribly. I know you were tired and ready to go; you were so brave. Not once did you fight or struggle. I was and still am the miserable one but I am only human. Animals are better than humans; your souls are so pure. You gave me the gift of unconditional love and I am forever grateful.

Together we wove our own special legacy that I will carry with me always. I buried your body in grandpa’s yard but your heart and soul I have buried in my heart so that you are with me still. I love you, Jessi. Rest well and play hard; someday I will once again caress your beloved head and gaze into your trusting eyes. We will be one again when we meet at the bridge.


Together Always With My Faithful Girl.
21, Oct 2005