Jessie Boogiebum by Liza / Mummy

To my beautiful baby girl
A year has gone and it feels like forever. Not a day goes by without me thinking of you. I had you from the age of 6 weeks until you were 11.5. You fought the cancer for as long as possible but in the end you decided to leave. I will never forget your eyes the day you left. I know you will never forget my eyes that day. You made me laugh so hard everyday from the day I brought you home. I named Grace after you, Grace Jessie. I gained a baby girl and lost one. I will never forget you my sweet angel I love you so very much and like I told you before you went, I will see you again and thank you for being my best mate.


Lots of Luv and kisses and hugs,
Jessie Boogiebum
24, May 2002