Jessie by Kristine Litten / Mommy

Jessie, My Angel

I had to say goodbye to my Jessie today,

It’s been sixteen years still I remember the day,

When we took her home from that place in the city,

Where dogs have no homes it’s so sad and a pity.

I loved my Jess from that day on and

she and I formed a special bond.

A bond that the years cannot erase,

In the blur of my tears, I can see her sweet face.

Kim soon married and moved away,

But Jessie and I were together to stay.

For a little while, we lived at home,

when we moved to the trailer, we were on our own.

You see, I had to take my doggie with me,

wherever I went she would always be

by my side when the way got rough,

We loved each other and that was enough,

To help me through the trials and strife,

My buddy, my friend; she was my life.

When I met Pam, my gift from above,

“J” wasn’t quite ready to share the love.

But she soon understood that I still loved her so.

We were a family was all that she needed to know.

Along with our Scooter, J’s new little brother,

We traveled on from that house to another.

With my trusted companion still by my side

Jess and I grew gray that we couldn’t hide.

I worried that we’d have to part one day,

But I couldn’t think about that—it was too far away.

We lost Scooter that year, we loved him so,

A part of our hearts went with him you know.

Our house by the river was next round the bend,

on our journey of life nearer the end.

We moved to a new house just down the road,

After years I grew tired and Jess grew old.

Then one sad day, that dreaded time came

when Jess grew too tired, sick and lame.

My friend, my companion, oh I loved her so

But for her sake, I had to let go.

She wasn’t “just a dog” she was an angel, you see,

sent down from Heaven to be with me.

Rest now, my Jessie, I’ll meet you at the Rainbow Bridge.


All my love,
13, Aug 2009
Kristine Litten