Jessie by Leonie


A gift sent from heaven
but only on loan
To teach love care and
happiness to one unknown
Devotion and loyalty
her primary skill
To love unconditionally
her greatest thrill.

A white ball of fluffiness
a face of total beauty
An angel on earth
just 6 years of duty.
Her eyes so inviting
her smile so delighting
When she was taken away
I just couldnÆt stop crying.

At my side she could
always be found
Not bothered by movement
not making a sound.
Happy to please and
in return all she had asked
Was for shelter and food
warmth and your heart.

A lady by all means
she never complained
Except when it came
to the food that was plain.
Chicken it must be
nothing else will do
Of course my darling
anything else for you?

I miss you terribly
but the memories remain.
Your photoÆs and treasures
keep me sane.
I know that you visit
I know you will wait
When my time comes around
to follow my fate

Thank you Jessie
what an angel you are.
Even though youÆre not with me
YouÆre not really far.

Eternal love

Your mummy



18, July 2000