Jetta by Kari French / Mommy

Naming Poem – My Dachshund, Jetta

The only one of 7, black and tan of the bunch

The runt of them all.

Daughter of Cinnamon & Ginger

Mother of Rhett & Scarlett

Who travels by car,

Who travels by plane,

Who travels by foot,

Lover of young ones ‘til dropped.

Hunter of tennis balls

Chocolate cake survivor

Boss of the big dogs

Chaser of Zeke.

Who waits patiently

Who hopes for a soft lap & warm blanket

Cuddles & kisses nose to nose

Bed warmer/heating pad

Lap snuggler with ‘Mamie’

Best buddy of Ruby

“Short-legged, little ugly dog”

Defender of home & hearth

Demander of cottage cheese at breakfast

Patient of Chiropractor & Vet

Brave soul of surgery

Sunday morning church-goer

Lace-collared wedding attendee

Student Distraction

Play rehearsal entertainer

“Sound of Music” program pin-up

Computer glitch woofer

Business associate & trainer

Queen of the Beggars blindly leading the gullible

Comforter in sad times

Requested as visitor



Always & forever in my heart!
7, Sep 2008
Kari French