JINGLES by Lisa McGregor / mum

From the moment I first met you it was a bond of trust and love. For the big boy you were, you were a gentle giant, loving and loyal. You loved me from the start, your loving nicker when you seen me coming towards your stable, the nod of your head and the stamping of a hoof. The gentle head butts and nuzzling me all over – your “kisses”, the look of trust in your beautiful brown eyes.

You were my friend and companion. You gave me back all my confidence in riding again, I never had any fear when I rode you, even though you were a grand old man when I first got you, you behaved like a yearling colt, full of fun and so much spirit. I remember the way up opened the car boot to get your carrots, the games we played when I hid them in your stable – you were a clown Jingles. I still have all your rosettes you won at all the shows we went to along with the fondest memories.

I miss you my gentle giant – but you were old and tired, I wish you could have been with me from when I first started riding, but I the 3 short years that you were mine, it felt like a lifetime. Gallop like a yearling colt in your paddock in the sky. We will met again – rip my gentle boy.


Love and miss you
Lisa McGregor