Jinks by The Spooners / The Spooner Family

We thank you for being our company for 15 years. We wish that you would still be with us forever. I remember you being there for me when I was without pain medication and cried myself to sleep. You just jumped on the bed and stayed with me until I woke up. I guess that you also bit me on my leg because you wanted my attention for something.
I still have the scar.
Aisha would throw her body on you when she was little, and you wouldn’t even mind or walk away. You were like a big sister to all my kids. You were like a daughter to me.

Thank you for being there for us. Out of respect for you, we promise never to replace you with another cat. We would always remember you, Jinks!


We love you and miss you!
15, May 2003
The Spooners