Jody Blue by Janet and David Fowler / Momma

Jody was a Momma’s Boy.
Everytime he looked at me my heart would melt. We got Jody in Oct. of 1990. He was at a flea market at Puppy Palace, in the first cage.
We knew immediately he was to be ours.

The following weekend we went to pick
him up. He was the cutest, wiggliest, little
fluff ball you ever saw!” My Very First Yorkie,”
Little did I know my life was about to change.

We spoiled him so much, and we all had so much
fun. There were so many good times,
and so many cute things to remember.

He could be a little snippy, but all in fun. “Don’t Look at Daddy” was my favorite, with that big growl and snarl you would do, as if you were going to bite him, made us laugh and laugh!

Seventeen years have gone by, and we are lost,
We will never be the same, but we rejoice at
being able to see you once again
in God’s Great

I’m sure you’re running the show at Rainbow
Bridge. You were so demanding. I know all the
Angels are just tickled pink at you.

I am so happy that you don’t have to be sick anymore,and have your strength back so you can play. Itbroke my heart when you could no longer play with Romeo and Sophie.

There will never be another you for me. You were
my one and only, besides Bridget, the two most
precious babies in my life.

Loving you was the easiest thing I’ll ever do. May God be with you, until I come home and you better be there to get me, with Bridget.

You taught me more about love, and I have to tell
you, There isn’t a day goes by that I don’t know how very much we loved each other. I know you knew you were loved, and you still are.


Forever and Ever,
Jody Blue
Janet and David Fowler