Joey by Daddy Johnny, Mommy Debbie and Sisters Carissa, Danah & Meav / Daddy Johnny, Mommy Debbie, & Sisters Carissa, Danah & Meav

Oh Joey, How I miss YOU! You have brought our family so much joy from the first moment we laid eyes on you. Even though you had a bad back and had 2 back surgeries you still lived your life to the fullest! Camping, Fishing, Swimming, Digging in the Sand. Playing outside with the kids. You know you were one of the kids too, always running and laughing as you watched over and protected Meav. Ice House Resort will never be the same without you my little camping buddy who liked to steal the sleeping bag. And the fireplace will seem vacant without you in front of it. I love you Joey!

Your short 9 years on this earth have filled my heart with cherished memories I will never forget. But your back broke down again and you were suffering and I couldn’t take it to see my precious boy in pain any longer. So now you’ve had to leave us and we miss you so bad it hurts like nothing I’ve ever felt before. But I know you are safe in Jesus’ arms. HIS arms are better then mine because he took your pain away and you will live in Paradise for ever and ever. I look forward to the day when we are reunited together in Heaven!
I love you Joey!


All Our Love,
12, Nov 2007
Daddy Johnny, Mommy Debbie and Sisters Carissa, Danah & Meav