Joey dearest Joey
My heart like a falling apple
dost goey.
the light of your love is here
to guide me like beacon
freinds we will remain forever
like Ernie and Joey Deacon.

Joey dearest Joey
when I think of you
for a pony I must goey.
your chirpy song made
my heart loop the looper
without you I feel lost
like a fezz without Tommy Cooper.

But through this loss I will fight
though my heart feels
somewhat doughy
you still remain my best friend
Joey my dear Joey.

Joey dearest Joey
I celebrate your life
with a bottle of Moet.
like a mother to a son were we
and your soul I pray to keep
a double act to top the best
like Sooty and sidekick Sweep.

Joey dearest Joey
like a golden disk presented
to David Bowie.
A precious and sentimental thing
like Red Rum the champion horsey.
but even more than
that my friend pals
like Nookie and Roger DeCaucey.

And even though I pine for you
like Uncle Fred to Aunty Chloe
my heart will always belong to you
Joey my dear Joey.

I miss you.



14, Jan 2001