Josephene by Virginia


You were the one who brightened up my day
In your own and unique special way.
You were the symbol of my love
Even more beautiful to me than a dove.

I loved the way you chirped and talked
And even the cute little way you walked.
Since the first day I looked at you to see
You were a beautiful and mysterious dream to me.

The beautiful cone upon your head
Those beautiful circular cheeks oh so red
You were my very best friend
And to that very reason my love for you was always true even to the end.

Your Beauty Grace Elegance and Love
For all of that and the time I got to spend with you
I thank the good Lord above
You were mine and I was yours.

I will always miss honor and love you baby.
You’re always in my heart and memory.
To you and your love this very honor goes.
Love Always For Now And Forever



6, Feb 2001