Hi Josie,
It has been almost 1/1/2 years since I stroked and cuddled you sweetheart, but I know that you will always remain in my heart. I remember our first meeting when you popped out of nowhere at my front door and I fed you with cooked white fish, you were so hungry girl and after that you went off. I reckon you were going home but in the evening you came back again and decided to stay. The family started to ask around, trying to find out who you belonged to but to no avail.

Later we discovered that you were left at a nearby farm by your previous owners to live out your life with many other animals and you were not happy at all. I managed to get their permission to have you be part of our family. You finally became our dear sweet Josie.You were such a sweet girl with those lovely eyes and ladylike manner and I fell in love with you. The whole family cherished you girl. I love you girl and will miss you so much but I know you are close to me in spirit. Rip sweetheart.

Forever in our hearts Josie.