My precious one your time is done
And all I do is cry.
You’ve gone away to spend your days
Far beyond the sky.

Where did you go? How I wish I could know.
Do you think of me today?
In times so blue this image of you
Returns then fades away.

I know you’re there do you still care.
Now that Understanding be?
For now you are wise with open eyes
To my sin and frailty.

Through all my tears I tell you dear
That I still love you so.
I want you here but still it’s clear
I had to let you go.

You’re strong again there’s no more pain.
You laugh and roll and play
Through fields so deep and at night you sleep
In the arms of the Ancient of Days.

So wait for me because you see
One day my life will end
When this is true I’ll be with you
And we’ll never part again.


15, Sept 2000