Jumper by Lorna / By All Who’s Lives He Touched – Especially Lorna


It began in one of those garbage dumpers

for the little one to be known as Jumper

What cruel person would act that lowly

to leave a kitten to starve so slowly.

No larger than the palm of my hand

when rescued by a caring young man

Apt.dweller unable to provide a home

beseeched me his mom by phone.

Three spots of orange tabby upon white

I set out him on my shoulder one night

At golden arches we obtained some lunch

hit the road and on this did munch.

Arriving late to a highways camp

facilities were cramped the weather damp

My partner wasn’t thrilled it appeared

would we both be thrown out it was feared.

The next day a picture taken was the best

he slept a kitten curled upon his chest

Many priceless snaps were taken since then

the type invoking “remember when”.

Adapted to a Dalmatian we got next year

slept in her bed and groomed her ear

Shared drinking from a toilet one day

even layed atop our car to catch a ray.

A great hunter in and about the house

caught shrew rat and weasel besides mouse

At evening came to lay beneath our bed

looked sick and by morning he was dead.

Ten years he filled our hearts with love

now we think of him in heaven above

Grateful for those wonderful pictures now

As memories return-like a squeaky meow.

His friend Dolly joined him in 97

A victim of cancer.


Remembered Fondly And Often
Sep 1996