Juno by Dana / Mommy

My dear, beloved Juno. I miss you so much. You brought so much joy to my life. You saved me from heading down a very dark path. Before you came along I had no one who counted on me and I was reckless. We grew together. You were with me for 13 years. The dearest friend I could ever wish for. You were just 6 weeks old when I got you.

You were promised to another girl, but when I held you I had to have you. You were the most beautiful dog. We couldn’t go anywhere without someone stopping us and commenting on what a gorgeous dog you were. You loved the attention and became quite comfortable with your celebrity status!

We have had many adventures together. I will always think of you when I go for a walk, and when I eat. Your two favorite things to do! So, I will think of you and miss you every day until we are together again. Thank you for the ‘carpet scratching’, it was the sign I needed to know that you are comfortable and safe in God’s hands.


I Love You My Juno Bear.
25, Nov 2005