Justice by Chas and Gina Roberts / Chas and Gina

Justice was strong and noble,
and always a true blue friend.
He was a great companion
from little puppy his time with us
was too short – he guarded us with love
and terrified the uninformed,
who did not see the love in his heart.

His little friend Sparky misses him,
they used to sleep and he’d purr
and warm Justice sleeping with his long grey fur.
Sparky learned to be a tough guy, from roughhousing with the king. And now he teaches little Remy, the same sort of thing. For life is a huge circle, with no beginning and no end,
and we who love together, have eternity to spend.

Justice is now in Heaven,
and no longer has any pain,
We still feel him in our hearts –
for there he will remain.

Kisses will be there for us,
when we finally too shall cross –
For Heaven is home to all our love,
and this comforts us in our loss.

We cannot hold Dear Justice,
until the fateful day,
that he is there to guide us
along the Heavenly Way.

At that time, we know it,
that he will be there to say
“I’ve missed you all so long now,
Let’s run and jump and play!”


With Love and Gratitude,
24, Oct 2004
Chas and Gina Roberts