Kali by Ken

The Way….

The Way we met on
that very first day
I tried to pet you
you yelped and ran away.

The Way you played at
that town called St. Elmo
You found that large stick.
you loved and wanted me to throw.

The Way you pranced around the house
so proud with all your toys
The Way you loved to squeak them all
you so loved all that noise.

The Way you used to perk
right up when ever I would say
Those very special words you loved
let’s Go to the Park and Play.

The Way you nuzzled your way
into all your Christmas gifts
The Way you knew which ones
were yours your bones
your balls your sticks.

The Way you gently kissed my cheek
while riding in the car
The Way you enjoyed the trip we had
no matter how near or far.

The Way you ran The Way you played
The Way you bounced up and down.
The Way you wanted to go with me
whenever I left town.

The Way you were there for me
when thing got really bad
The Way you laid next to me
you were the best dog I ever had.

The Way you were so full of
life and love and so very very wise
The Way that young dog look you had
had long since left your eyes.

The Way I feel when I look
out into the empty yard
It’s that same sad emptiness
that makes it so very hard.

The Way you lived The Way you loved
The Way you sadly left me
The Way you made that place in my heart
that special place called Kali.



22, Nov 2000