Kangaroo by Suz / Suz

This is a tribute for a young kangaroo who unfortunately was hit by a young man accidently on the road with his car. He stopped and another young man stopped to help and I was driving by and saw them so I immediately stopped to help. To cut a long story short, I took the kangaroo to the vet in my car and they tried to help but she died a little while after she arrived. The vet said she probably had internal injuries and her brain may be swelling. I cried and kissed her goodbye. It was so sad.

Her foetus that was in her pouch had been thrown by the impact but that had also died. The vet checked again in her pouch to make sure no other babies were in there but there wasn’t. I thanked the vet for helping and they thanked me for bringing her in. I said I only did what I could. She is with her baby again that died a little while earlier so they are together forever. The young kangaroo was about 2 years old.


You can play together forever now safely.
13, May 2003