To my brother in Christ,
Although I hadn’t met Kappy I feel I know him by what you told us about his background as an NYPD officer in the K-9 unit,as you were telling us about adopting him,I could see the joy in your eyes and how he was a part of your family,that you looked forward to being with him,the unconditional love he gave you,(1 Corinthians 13:7)I could also see the pain as you talked about his passing, but realize the pain will be replaced with joy as you reflect on the memories of your times together,(James 1:2) and the bond you had with each other,there will always be some little something that brings back a memory about something special you and Kappy had,although he is gone from sight he will always be part of your memory. Rejoice in knowing that you will meet again in heaven. May God bless you and bring you peace my brother.

Your brother in Christ
Feb 5,2019
Peter Hilber