Karina by Chantal and Chris DuBeck / Mum :)

Karina was a beautiful Alaskan Malamute that came into our lives in February of 1991. She adopted us and decided that we were a family. My hubby Chris and moi loved her at first sight! She was my first dog. I had decided that we should adopt a wolf and Chris kind of stirred me in another direction (lol). When she first came to us, she was very playful and of course, as all malamute owners know she loved to talk! She talked all the time and howled at her friends on the tele! She loved the snow, and a good piece of steak, also a bit of chinese food never hurt 🙂

She became a champion around our parts and was also featured in the “Best of Year” issue of Dog Fancy magazine in Dec 1992. She walked us everyday, put us to bed as well, and made sure all of us were taken care of. Any guests that we had knew that they had to live by her rules! She became a little sick in her fourth year of thyroidism but took her pills and exercised and felt a lot better! She loved to travel and went to Quebec city, ate in all the restaurants there and everybody loved her! The waiters used to know she was coming and had her breakfast ready for her! She had a husband (a samoyed named Teddy Bear) my best friend’s dog (Bev and Bob Myers), he is a very handsome gentleman! She was also friends with a cat named Chuck (actually her sister in law) she never chased her much 🙂 When she reached 11 she started to be more tired all the time (she never was before ) and of course she retired much of the time on our bed to relax.

Unexpectedly she had a lump in her abdomen and in February of that year we decided she should have surgery. That was a big mistake and she never recovered; we found out later that her kidneys failed and we should not of had the procedure done. She was the light of my life and Chris as well. She is with us forever. She sent us Shadow, a stray doggie (black lab) and a great daughter. We love you Karoun and miss you still!

Mum, daddy and Cochonnet 🙂


We love you still 🙂
Chantal and Chris DuBeck