Karma by Janis, Kendra, and Maya / Kendra, Maya, and Mommy

We got Karma a couple months after the death of our dog Lady. Karma was such a special, sensitive, loving dog. She loved running, jumping, playing with her dog friends in our neighborhood, and cozying up with us on the couch. Karma also had a wonderful relationship with our friend Tatanya, who spent countless hours training her.

Karma and my mom moved following my mom’s retirement to a beautiful town in the mountains. She was my mom’s constant companion. They went to the farmer’s market, on morning and afternoon walks, and Karma loved all of the time they were able to spend together. She spent every moment she could running through the woods with her new dog buddies, Smoothie and Mr. Lucky. She was having the time of her life!

Tragically, she was hit by a car and died instantly. We know her death was merciful, and when my mom went to get her she looked beautiful and perfect, like God had just reached down and brought her home before she even knew what happened.

We are having a hard time understanding why Karma had to leave, but we accept it. We know she is watching over us and the many other people in the world who need angels. We hope we will see her again.


We love you Karma Good Dog.
Janis, Kendra, and Maya