Sweet Katie,

You entered my world so unexpectedly, arriving at my house towards the end of summer 2010 at 2:00 a.m

You were so young I guess around six months old, so very skinny and a little scarred up. You just wanted to play with my cat Shadow who was enjoying the warm outside. You were given a piece of food and you promptly ran into my house and jumped on the couch. You looked at me with those beautiful amber eyes implying you were here to stay.  I took you to the shelter to check for a chip, I refused to leave you there as they are not a no kill shelter. I found a rescue, they had me keep you and take you to adoption fair. That day you looked up at me with the saddest look I have ever seen. At that time I told you that if no one adopted you I would keep you, well no one adopted you so you were mine to keep.  You were such a gentle soul. Over the years there have been little strays that were rescued and you took to being a temporary mother to them. You were so tolerant with little rambunctious Bear, he never let you alone. I will forever miss your greeting me when I got home, your beautiful amber eyes and your gentle soul. I thank you for loving me and giving me great joy for eleven years.

Love Alway Mommy
Susan Barker