Katie by Denice

To Our Precious Katie

You’ve been with me for
almost 17 years
I was just 25 and so naive.
You taught me the wonders
of loving a cat
and I look back and know
just how much you represent
a huge part of my life.

You have been so warm and
loving and loyal
I have watched you age and
it painfully reminds me
of time passing.
I will always love you
my little Katie and
remember you as such
a playful little girl
from Marne Michigan
The little kitten that
loved to play in
a little paper bag.

You were here when
Marcy passed away
Through moving new jobs
and new lives.
You were here when
our miracle Sierra was born.
You have been with me
through much joy and heartbreak.

Katie mommy will always love you and hold you so dear in her heart. I am so lucky to have had you all these years. I will see you again in heaven. Until then I will find comfort in our memories and knowing that you will be playing with your sister Marcy.

Thank you for all your love Katie. You will always be my little girl.

Forever love.



16, Oct 2001