Katie by Kathi Rivera / Kathi

Katie came into our lives 15 years ago. Katie actually belonged to the neighbors and was always an outside cat, my parents kept the door open and Katie wondered in. They were hooked with her sweet face and happy disposition they fed her and loved her when she came to visit. A few years went by with this continuing on, then one day the neighbors had to relocate and they asked my parents if they wanted to keep Katie as they seemed to really love her.

This began our journey with Katie, my parents relocated to the other side of the country five years ago and I took Katie in to my home with my Manx cat Max. We moved to Texas a few years ago, and Katie was no where to be found I searched the new house and the local area for days. This is a 18 year old cat mind you. She turned up inside of a moving box just sleeping and happy as can be. We now live in California on a few acres of land, Katie enjoys laying in the tall grass getting a sun tan, and chasing the butterflies.

In the last two weeks she changed dramatically she was no longer loving just wanted to sit on the counter (this was a first in all of these years) she had lost weight, weighing in at a slight 5 pounds. I had to put her to rest yesterday. It broke my heart at the time but remembering all the smiles she brought my family, she would bite you if you cried and lick your eye lids when you slept made the tears bittersweet. She is in a better place with all the other cats and dogs my family has loved and that have loved us.
Katie you will be in my heart always.


We will always love you.
Kathi Rivera