Katie by Stephen Schneider / Dad

Words cannot express the deep, gaping hole in my heart at your passing, my sweet baby girl.
You came to me and your mom along with your brothers and sisters on the third day of your wonderful life.
We were charged with “rescueing” you from the tragedy of your furry mom’s death.
Who could have known that it would be you who would rescue me? As I held you and fed you and tended to your every need, I found the joy and the reason to live when I had neither in my life.
Who could have guessed that the greatest love of my life would wear a fur suit?
I will forever remember and eternally miss the way you would put your paws around my neck, your nuzzle pressed against my nose and gently stroke my shoulder. Your hugs were precious. I miss you so.
Your brother Boopy misses you also even if your favorite pasttime was outwitting his confused self. I’ve started to steal his chewies now because it seems they only are tasty in the face of competition. He’s doubling his efforts to announce the presence of any cat within 100 yards. He knows you would appreciate that.
God bless you my sweet baby girl and I know you’ll be waiting for me at the rainbow bridge.


Until then
8, May 2003
Stephen Schneider