Katie Sue by Kim Hart / Momma & Daddy

I remember the first time I saw Katie. You were in a pet store, all black with long hair and sleeping with you littermates. The moment I saw you I just knew that you was the one for me. We took you home and introduced you to our other kitten, Alicia Katrina. There was none of the fussing or growling when you two met. You took to each other like old friends. After you toured your new home, you and Allie started running, playing, and sleeping together.

You always had the been there, done that attitude. After several attempts to climb the bedroom curtain where you would cry because you would get stuck part way up and needed help getting down. When you finally made it to the top of the curtain, you never tried to climb it again. The ceiling fan was a funny thing that you were afraid of. We would tease you when you were sleeping on the chair and turn the fan on. When you woke up and saw it spinning, you could not leave the room fast enough.

As time went on, your personality developed into the leave a message attitude and didn’t want to be bothered, unless you wanted attention, then you would loudly voice your opinion and bump and rub until you got your way. Then when you had finished purring and drooling with enjoyment, you would walk off to do something else. Usually that was a nap after the relaxing scratch. Whenever the small powdered doughnuts were around, you would find them. I have never seen a cat beg for doughnuts like you but your loud howling for them really left us no choice but to give them up. For good or bad, you liked what we now call Katie Doughnuts.

It was always a joy to watch you when catnip was out. After licking the catnip off of your catnip bag, you would lay on your side and hold the bag in one paw and rub the bag all over your face, not missing a spot. After a while of the face rubbing you would hold the bag in both paws against your chest and roll on your back and from side to side, obviously a very happy cat.

Now, there are no soft purrs to greet me. No more staring in quiet protest when it was time to eat or racing to the kitchen on soft paws in anticipation. You are running free with your lifelong friend Allie who left this world before you. There is no amount of tribute that can express the joy and happiness you brought to our lives. There only memories are left to comfort me and the thought that, someday,
we will all be together again.


Please wait for us at the Rainbow Bridge,
Katie Sue
17, Apr 2005
Kim Hart