Kato by Mary Thornton / Mommy

Kato was a huge German Shepherd who stood as tall as I do at 5 ft 8 and weighed up to 131 pounds and died when he was 8. He was a little weird looking with crooked teeth and his nose was a little off center; a face only a mother could love. His dad, Trevor was a K-9 officer for a local police department. I got Kato cheap because he was the only puppy they didn’t work because they knew he was going to be big.

He was like the Clifford of the shepherds. He collapsed on tuesday and was gone by friday morning. When he collapsed it was discovered that he had arthritis all up his spine. The vet said he was probably in pain for most of his life. No one knew. He never complained.

I did take him home thinking he would get better. I took him home on thursday nite and he was in so much pain that I couldn’t stand it. He was just screaming and digging into the carpet to get outside. I let him out and sat with him for almost an hour. His favorite place; outside.

He was a very aggressive dog; couldn’t really have him around anyone that was scared of him. very protective of me. We had him scheduled to be put down and he died the morning we were to take him in. I think he knew that I was devastated and I didn’t know how I was going to do this, and he protected me until the end and just let go. We put him in the car and there was a police car with the lights half on. I thought that was a good tribute to him.

Kato was the best. I am missing him terribly. He used to howl like a wolf when sirens outside or on tv would go off. There is an erie silence now and an emptiness that will always be there. I feel like I lost my right arm.


Good-bye my baby boy Kato; meet me at the gate
Mary Thornton