KATRINA by Roy & Loretta & Family / Sis

To a cat that was not just a pet but a member of the family – a companion – a friend. She loved music (especially “mom-moms” singing). She loved enchiladas, sun bathing on the deck, cuddling at night, and bugging Dad for a moment on his lap. She was so loved we gave her more than one name for each of her many personalities… da-weena, stinky, winkers, kitty, princess da-foo,
katrina, miss kitty, and many more.

You were always worried about us anytime we were near water (thank you). You were always there to greet us (thank you). You were always there to comfort us (thank you). We will always remember your unconditional love (well, as long as we pet you in the right place). We will always remember your sweet little face and the way you talked to us every day (meow meow, whack whack, mom mom). You were loved and we are thankful that you were part of our lives.


Scratches and love,
15, Aug 2005
Roy & Loretta & Family