KAWIKA by Khani and Kirk Young / Your Mommy and Daddy

My memories of you, Kawika fill my days and nights and today you are especially in my thoughts since you have now been gone for 10 weeks. The days have been hard and the nights even more so without you here but I am hoping you are in a happy place with lots of sand and nice grass and lots to eat. You loved to eat and I always said that the day you stopped eating would be a very sad day, and it was…it was March 18th, 2005 and that was your last day with us on this Earth. I miss you a lot…your furry little body, your soulful eyes looking at me so lovingly, and your barks that would fill the silence so many times a day. I hope you know you were loved as I know you loved us. Sleep tight my love until we meet again.


With all of our love today, tomorrow, and always,
18, Mar 2005
Khani and Kirk Young