Kawika by Kirk and Khani Young / Mommy and Daddy

Kawika’s Letter

My little Kawika,

It has been 6 months since you let us and I miss you so much. I don’t think it will ever go away. When you left me Grandma sent me this letter from you
that I want to write down.

Remember me always but do not grieve for me too long. I have always tried to comfort you in times of sorrow and have made every effort to add joy to your life.
I never wanted to cause you pain.

Peace for me is certain now and I suspect I will have eternal sleep in the earth that I loved so well.

Please, after your period of grieving for me make room in your heart for another. You are the kind of human being that should always have a friend like me to love. Your kind and gentle heart should not be wasted on my memory for too long. Give your love to another. I know your new friend will never take my place because we had something special.

It may not be quite the same, but a new and loving companion will in time become special in their own way.

You loved me very much and I loved you. My spirit will always be with you and no matter how deep my sleep, my grateful tail will always be wagging for you.

Yesterday, little monkey, we got another doggie just like you asked us to do above. I don’t know if it was too soon but my heart just kept hurting so much that I think the only thing that could make my pain go away just a bit was to find a new little friend. I hope you will be happy for us. This new doggie will never take your place, there can only be one you. You were my soulmate and I will never ever forget you. You will have my love today, tomorrow and forever. Your memory will live on in me until the day I join you again.


With all of our LOVE,
18, Mar 2005
Kirk and Khani Young