How do you describe a friendship no one understands
One that has no expectations and very few demands.

My dog was my best friend and a part of my soul
And now that I’ve lost her it leaves my heart with a hole.

She was so brilliant and made me look so smart
When it had very little to do with me and a lot to do with her heart.

We’ve been together for so many years
Shared so much happiness and perhaps some tears.

She knew everything there was to know and understood me too
No other dog to me can measure up to the thing’s she could do.

And when it came to cattle she did the deed
With her by my side I could always succeed.

There will never be a better friend till the day I die
No matter who comes along no matter what guy.

When I was bugged at school and had no human friends
She showed me I didn’t need them and put my heart on the mend.

And when I got older and started to do more
She didn’t get jealous or try to even the score.

What am I with out her? Who am I?
Without her I am nothing Without her I can’t fly.

People don’t understand how an animal can mean so much to me
But what have people done for me that compares to she.

But through the years I have found time waits for no one
And that even the best have only so long in the sun.

For years I have been praying to God asking him to let her stay
But he told me he would need his angel back one day.

Even when she is gone she’ll still be runnin’ through my mind
Makin’ me laugh chasing cows across a field and getting me out of binds.

She was put on this earth to teach me how to care
When I give her back to God in her leaving she’ll teach me to share.

So Lord take care of her cause I will miss her so much
When she takes her final breath let her know my love with my final touch.

My prayer rises ever high on wings of Hope to the sky
That one day we will be together again but until then I’ll just cry.

Rest in Peace my friend
your always in my heart,



20, Feb 2002