Kelley Anne


" Kelley Anne "

March 5 1984 ----- Oct. 8 1998



Almost six months now I have missed you

a lifetime of love and laughter living only in my heart now.

You were the light of my life a true love

rarely cross full of love.

You were the first sight almost every morning,

and the last every night.

Always there the last to say good-bye,

and the first to greet me when I returned.

You were never too busy for a hug and a kiss

never to weary to go for a walk or a swim.

Your last few months were so cruel,

the pain excruciating.

You never complained even when you needed help for simple tasks your

body gave up but your spirit lived on.

They called you a dog they were wrong,

You were an Angel...


Charlotte & Allen







Kelley Anne