Kelsey by Cyndi & John Palmer / Mommy & Daddy

On Thursday, March 1, 2007, our sweet, beloved golden girl Kelsey, lost her year long battle with cancer. We are so filled with grief. She was our first adopted golden retriever who shared the past 9 years of her life with us. Our wonderful and special girl will be missed more than I can say.

Always happy, she brightened our days and filled our hearts with so much love. During this past year as we fought together against her terrible disease, she inspired us with her enormous strength and will to go on. Kelsey loved life and was feeling good and doing great up Thursday morning when she began vomiting and lost the use of her hind legs. We rushed her to the ER clinic where they performed an ultrasound and confirmed the cancer had metastasized into her stomach, intestines and lymph nodes. It was time to let her go.

We will always be thankful for the additional time we had with our girl. In April of last year, she was diagnosed with histiocytic sarcoma and given only six more months to live. We can only credit the alternative care she received that gave her maybe not the quantity of time we would have liked, but quality of life.

Kelsey is now with our dear Bentley who we lost just a couple of months ago. Rest in peace my sweet kids . ..
Mom & Dad will see you again someday.


All our love,
Cyndi & John Palmer