Keri Jean by Heather / Mama and Dulci

I bought Keri from a pet store. She and her sister were in an enclosed area. In fact, I wanted her sister. The owner brought the two little Lhasas on the floor. Keri walked over to me while her sister moved back from me. Keri curled up on my lap and fell asleep. I knew she was the one I was to love for the rest of her, and my, life. I could not stop taking pictures of her! I think the photo shop thought I was crazy because of the amount of pictures I took of her.

A year later, I brought home her Shih Tzu-Terrier sister, Dulci. Where Keri was calm, Dulci was hyper. Keri could calm Dulci down in a heartbeat. Dulci would often groom Keri by licking her eyes and teeth.
It was a sight to see!

Through the years, she stayed by my side, moving often until I was able to make it on my own. With Dulci, we made a new life. It was shortly thereafter that Keri was not herself. After several visits to the vet, Keri was diagnosed with cancer of the spleen. It spread
to her nose and neck.

I now know that she is not in pain and she is always with me and Dulci. I will always remember her as my first baby.


Love you forever,
Keri Jean